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Uh, at Diversity Today, we believe it is very easy to be a HERO. Dwight: A hero kills people, people that wish him harm. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster, that must be avenged.

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And although I have had cable for about a year—as a side-attraction to the best telephone deal we could find--I only have the 5,000 or so basic channels.

Maybe this seems cold, especially in relation to romantic relationships, but this theory asks us to think about the costs and benefits of relationships.

It posits that we keep relationships in which their benefits out weigh their costs.

Every time the one type wants to have a good time, then the other type comes in and makes a real mess.

Kevin: Basically, there are two types of black people and black people are actually more racist because they hate the other type of black people.

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    He wrote back “explaining how what I was doing was the same kind of thing a straight couple would do,” he told me. All of that could set Buttigieg up for a Senate or gubernatorial bid down the line. He saw the future: In 2000, he won the nationwide J. When I asked why he signed up for the Navy Reserve, he cited his experience canvassing for Barack Obama in Iowa in 2008.“So many times, I would knock and a child would come to the door — in my eyes, a child — and we’d get to talking and this kid would be on his way to basic training,” he remembered. I last saw him at South Bend’s minor league baseball park, where he was chowing down on an all-American supper of nachos smothered in strips of fatty beef and a pale yellow goo.

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