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Your goal should be to find out more about him by observing his wants and needs, understanding his personality and identifying his love language (highly recommended).

You also get to discuss what his idea of a healthy relationship vs.

As a Single Christian Woman, you might ask yourself what the difference is between dating and courting? After careful research I found out the following: Courtship is the wooing of a romantic partner, traditionally a man’s courting of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage).

Or is courting just another word to describe the exact same thing?

I have a love-hate relationship with the first couple ever mentioned in the Bible. However, one of the many things we learn from Adam and Eve is the dynamic and roles in a relationship.

In Genesis 2, God introduces Eve for the first time, but not until he has given Adam a job. And once he introduces Eve, he actually gives her not the same, not a different one but a complementary purpose to Adam’s.

Discuss topics such as purpose, personal and spiritual growth, marriage and family.

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Whatever it may be, your boyfriend and you should discuss your individual purposes and goals and find out if they actually match.– Meaning it is the traditional way for a man to wine and dine a woman with the goal to marry her. In my opinion, it’s the intention behind it – marriage.While nowadays some couples date just so that they can have someone to cuddle during the holiday season (also called cuffing season), without the intent to ever enter matrimony. When entering a godly relationship with another Christian we are called to honor the other person as the brother or sister in Christ that they are and therefore be purposeful in the interaction.That way you can make sure that you lead each other towards it, not away from it. Basically, the number one ingredient for a couple that is dating with purpose.Sit down with your man and ask each other what your goals for the relationship are.

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