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How much freedom would have followed if we had committed to that freeing boundary! –who regrets demanding stricter physical boundaries, or one who regrets ending a relationship because she and her boyfriend were too physical.I’ve only ever heard regrets (and plenty of them) from girls because they didn’t demand more respect, or didn’t end it soon enough, and ended up giving pieces of their bodies and hearts that they can never get back.However, understanding the arguments on both sides will help you remain strong in your own faith.I absolutely believe you when you say that you love God and want to keep Him at the center of your relationship. That’s why I’m not going to advise you whether you should stay in this relationship.Whether you are choosing not to date or looking to set boundaries in your dating relationships, there is a lot to consider when you take a relationship to the next step beyond friendship.Knowing what you want from a dating relationship and finding ways to resist temptation will allow you to build a productive and Christian dating relationship.If He asks you to set stricter boundaries, or even to let go and move on from this relationship, don’t waver in your obedience.A girl who wavers between devotion to God and a desire for her boyfriend is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.

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If you need wisdom about your relationship–whether to stay with your boyfriend or not–ask God, and He will give it to you. But when you ask, make sure that your faith is in God alone, not in your relationship, and not in your boyfriend.

His voice can be very difficult to hear when we’ve given our heart to anyone other than Him.

When you hear the Holy Spirit’s answer–through God’s Word, through your prayers, through wise counsel, or through that unsettled feeling or indescribable peace–don’t question it.

For some Christian teens, hot button items like homosexuality, masturbation, and abortion are clear-cut sins.

Other Christian teens see "shades of gray" in the Bible scriptures.

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