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The legendary city of Alexandria, founded millennia ago by Alexander the Great and home to many wonders of the ancient world, now faces a new and inexorable threat as steadily rising sea levels are set to leave many of its neighbourhoods and archaeological sites at risk of flooding.

For example: A country budget can be stored on a spreadsheet or otherwise on a private government network, but not on the Internet.To illustrate: suppose election results data is available both from government sources and from a third party website and that the government data is in PDF (so not machine readable) but that the unofficial source has the data in spreadsheets (machine-readable).Then the answer to the machine readable question would be ' No' as the official source is not machine readable (but please do list the unofficial source in the details and comments section).Do not answer based on what may happen in the future (or the situation previously).So, for example, if data will be online soon but is not online now the answer to the 'online' question should be ' No' (though please mention that it Data must come from an official resource either issued directly by the government or by a third party officially representing the government.

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