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Here’s an overview of this new societal problem by What’s on Weibo’s Brydon Brancart.f you don’t take cash then put a sign up! Xie after trying to use cash to pay for his groceries at a checkout aisle reserved for mobile payments.

Enraged at his treatment, Xie’s initial reaction was to cause a ruckus, lunging at the security guards surrounding him.

“You shame me, an old guy, for not being able to use We Chat!

” Xie explained later on, after regaining his composure.

An Islamic religious teacher in Malaysia has blamed We Chat for the rise of the LGBT movement in his country, recommending that the government address this issue by adopting new, ultra-strict controls over the internet, using North Korea as its model.

According to the newspaper about how the LGBT movement was growing stronger by the day in Malaysia, daring to challenge national institutions and demanding legal rights — homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, punishable under a colonial-era sodomy law by up to 20 years in prison.

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This shows that Chinese censors continue to be primarily concerned with larger-scale discussion of sensitive issues, and are willing to tolerate small outbursts of criticism between individuals.

While some terms, like “Falun Gong,” cause any message containing them to be rejected flat-out, the censorship usually works by looking for a combination of what Citizen Lab calls “keyword combinations.” In the example above, “human rights” is not blocked, but the full phrase “China arrest human rights defenders” is.

Similarly, in Chinese neither of the phrases “China human rights” or “criticize Chinese government” alone get censored, but a message containing both does.

Back in 2012, the country’s education ministry was accused of endorsing guidelines which aimed to help parents spot gay and lesbian “symptoms” in their children, these so-called “symptoms” included: “likes having a fit body and likes to show off by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes” and “a preference for tight and bright-colored clothes.”Last year, the newspaper published its own “how to spot a gay” checklist.

The article claimed that gay men were indentifiable by thier branded clothing and their love for going to the gym — not for the purpose of exercise but to check out other guys.

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