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The bad news is that it is only partially supported in Safari, and isn't supported at all on i OS Safari, or the default Android browser.

If you need to support older versions of IE prior to IE10 you won't find any of those support form validation either.

Then, when I saw Will Peavy ask about this topic over on the CF-Talk list, I figured, I should just sit down and write an example that I can send people to view.

I’m also using the WAI ARIA attribute now, so if we leave ‘required’ in the label tag screen reader users will have ‘required’ read to them twice, which they could find rather annoying.

Strictly speaking, you should make sure you're using the HTML5 DOCTYPE, otherwise you'll run into HTML validation errors.

But the great thing about them is that they all degrade gracefully.

Let's walk through an example of how we can validate a form using only the browser's built in validation.

Take this simple booking form: attribute for the label tag matches up with the id attribute of the associated input tag.

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