College dating high school

And until the next serious relationship appears on the horizon, college is the perfect time to get to know many new people and experience all it has to offer.

Marlene Kern Fischer is a wife, mother of three sons, food shopper extraordinaire, blogger and essay editor.

My oldest son matured in so many ways during his undergraduate years that I barely recognized the version of the young man who accepted his diploma as the same person who started college and I see significant changes in my middle son as well.

As people grow, their transformations can divide as much as physical distance.

I realized the best (and really only) choice I had was to back off.

There are some advantages to starting college with an established relationship.

Even non-romantic relationships from the past can become difficult to sustain as new interests and friendships develop.

This can be a complicated and tricky subject to deal with and one which is sure to create angst and issues at some point along the way.But I also discovered that some lessons just need to be learned on their own and no amount of discussion or warning can forestall that.I suggested that, instead of breaking up, perhaps my son and his girlfriend could date other people, and was told in no uncertain terms that just wasn’t done.For anyone who has a child is in this situation, even under the best of circumstances, there will be some rough times ahead.My middle son starting dating his high school girlfriend when they were seniors and I watched their relationship blossom over the course of the year.

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