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What do you you want ot be doing in 5, 10, 15 years? I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have witnessed this situation. Better now than in some distant point in the future.It sounds like it's run its course, I'm afraid but he can't be arsed to finish it (partly because he doesn't have the same time pressures as you.)Most of the men went onto marry someone else quite soon after too. Dont ruin your life over him, pining for something you cant get from him. I've no idea if it's true but i once read that if a man doesn't want to marry you 12-18 months after meeting you it's a bad sign. but it was something roughly like this, couples tend to get engaged & married at about two years after meeting or 8 years. somebody might ask me to produce a link to back this up, and i'll admit I can't!!but i read it in the paper and it struck a chord with me at the time so i've always remembered it. But keep going with this bloke a few more years, and you'll likely feel sad and bitter.Move on while you have the optimism, emotional energy, and resilience to find someone new.I wasted a tremendous amount of time and emotional energy waiting for someone to be 'ready'.Don't give him an ultimatum because no one wants to feel they've coerced a commitment out of someone. No matter how much it hurts to leave (if that is what eventually happens), just remember it will hurt much more if you are still in this situation in 3 more years.

Seriously, don't miss out on the possibility of meeting somebody who really wants you (and children).been there, done that, he doesn't love you enough. Its shit but its better than slowly losing your soul in an uneven relationship that you arent enjoying.Loving him isn;t enough - your life is shit wih him, better off wihtout him even if it doesn;t feel like it now. You desperately want him to want what you want - understandable but painful, as you know.So, I've been seeing my boyfriend for almost 3 years now. We live apart, I've wanted us to move in together since a while back (18 months or so, since I've always known he was something special). I've tried to talk about it with him over the last year (well actually, I alternate between talking about moving in, and saying nothing, but I can only leave it about 3 weeks of not mentioning it before I have to again! His response used to be that it was too soon (after 2 years), more recently he just says we'll move in together some day (which is unspecified and never comes)It's ended up being the only thing I'm thinking about, and now I'm really insecure about the relationship and it all feels a bit crap.My parents/friends are always asking me when we'll move in and it makes me so upset and I seem to be crying at home all the time about the situation.

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