Craig ferguson dating

Tune in on any given night of his Late Late Show tenure—on which you might have seen, say, a gay robot skeleton sidekick named Geoff dancing along with Ferguson and a pantomime horse—and you got a sense of his madcap rebel streak.

Rewatch his poignant 2007 monologue recounting his history of alcoholism and journey to sobriety, which culminates in a pledge not to ridicule Britney Spears at the height of her shaved-head meltdown.

The Peabody-winning interview with Desmond Tutu is iconic late-night television.

Meet Megan Wallace Cunningham, she is the lovely wife of CBS latenight host, Craig Ferguson.

Her husband has thrown a bomb to all the Late Late Show fans announcing he will leave the CBS show at the end of 2014 after a ten-year-run!

And, based on his answer to Rash asking him the very same question, he's not really sure either, or at least isn't ready to outwardly commit to a specific long-term future.

I think it's the concept of respect that most often comes to mind for me when I think about Craig Ferguson.

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