Criteria for updating the crystalline silica pel

RJLG has capability to ID and evaluate interfering minerals. Silicosis has plagued laborers for generations, but OSHA is proposing changes aimed at significantly decreasing the risk.

In 1996, the USEPA published a review of the data concerning “ambient” crystalline silica levels. polchoice=PM&_debug=0&_service=data& The permissible exposure level established by OSHA and MSHA is a formula (10 ÷ %silica 2), which approximately equals 100 µg/m5. Additionally, workers are to be trained on silica hazards and ways to limit exposure, and employers must keep records of exposures and workers’ medical exams.Criticism As Michaels noted during the press conference, the proposed rule could change as it goes from the proposal stage to the final version, and he encouraged public participation.

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