Crystalens accommodating iol eye lens accommodating

Crystalens® gives aging eyes the visual acuity of young healthy eyes, and has had an excellent success rate in patients who have had crystalens® implanted.The crystalens® implant works in much the same way as your natural lens.After cataract surgery, vision may be improved with glasses, contact lenses, or an intraocular lens such as crystalens® that is implanted behind the iris where the crystalline lens used to be.Traditional intraocular lenses improve vision, but are not accommodating and often require glasses to achieve 20/20 vision.However, Crystalens® not only aids your vision — it restores your vision.The Crystalens® IOL replaces the eye’s natural lens, whether it has become cataractous, presbyopia has developed, or the individual has elected to have a clear lens exchange.Talk with your doctor and make sure you fully understand the risks involved before deciding if crystalens® is right for you.

The outer membrane is called the cornea, and the inner lens is called the crystalline lens.

The accommodating nature of the Crystalens® design is unique, utilizing 100 percent of incoming light rays for all tasks, regardless of range.

The placement of Crystalens® is a very simple, safe, and effective outpatient procedure with a significantly high success rate, and it takes just 15 to 20 minutes. Miller will administer numbing eye drops to ensure your comfort.

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Crystalens® is the only intraocular lens implant that bends and flexes just like your eye’s natural lens.

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