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“With all due respect to my mother,” Strauss says, “her choice of women and my choice of women were not always similar.” A Predate event is scheduled for Wednesday at Sing Sing piano bar at the Waterfront in Homestead. Details: [email protected] Mitzi Brinkman, 47, Mc Donald She says her blind date was arranged through a matchmaking service called The Right Relationship, located in Cranberry. The third blind date in her life was arranged while she worked as a waitress at Churchill Valley Country Club. A younger version of Tony Curtis.” She and husband Richard Rapin will celebrate their 30th anniversary this year.

“I didn’t have any idea what he looked like at all,” she says of boyfriend Mark Shannon of Bellevue. A female member asked Rapin if she wanted to meet her uncle. Victor “Zeke” Clark, 74, Lower Burrell A friend fixed him up with his future wife, Peggy, in 1951.

Potential suitors usually are screened by your personal cupids — friends, family and co-workers — who know your likes and dislikes. The cupid filter would likely have weeded out the guy Kelly Altares of Mt. He didn’t post a photo of himself on the Web site, but she decided to give him a chance anyway. “He had told me that he was approximately 5 foot 8 inches and had brown curly hair,” says Altares, 43. When she politely refused, she says, “he turned into this 12-year-old nasty boy.” Altares, who figures she’s been on 40 blind dates, many set up by a married female friend, doesn’t necessarily favor blind dating over the point-and-click version.

“And was in his early 30s.” When they met, he had aged at least a couple of decades. “I don’t know that one’s better than the other,” she says.

“Our view is that dating is very much a local business,” says Eric Strauss, president and chief executive officer.

“e Harmony is great for matching somebody up with you, but if you’re in Pittsburgh and they’re in L. ” Predating gives couples about five minutes to chat before moving on.

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Whether I ‘m meeting you because I found you on the Internet or meeting you because somebody thought we would be a good match for each other, it doesn’t really matter to me.” Bill Cartiff, travel director for Jewish Singles for the Jewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill, is of the same mind.

Both and Yahoo, two of the biggest dating Web sites, are listed on the NASDAQ.

What is not listed are the online makeovers that some singles give themselves when advertising their dating desirability.

“I think people have maximized their use of JDate and

Probably in another 10 years, it will have evolved into something else or a new wave of online dating.

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