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For example, when working on The Passengers of the Wind, he did a vast amount of background reading, consulted academic specialists and visited the Maritime Museum in Nantes.For this series he also made scale models both of colonial architectural structures and one of the ships on which the main characters sail, in order to ensure that the dimensions and the interior layouts were correct.US publisher Catalan Communications had planned to release his medieval epos Les Compagnons du crépuscule as The Companions of the Dusk in 1991, but only the first volume of the series was released as such, as the publisher went bankrupt shortly thereafter.

Getting illustrations published in magazines from 1971 eventually led him to pursue graphic storytelling and to develop his craft over the next few years.When the Les passagers du vent (The Passengers of the Wind) series was serialized – for which Bourgeon abandoned Brunelle et Colin – in Circus magazine in 1979, likewise published by Glénat, it became recognized as one of the most important European comic series of its era.His graphic novels have ranged from nautical and medieval historical fiction to science fiction, and characteristically, within settings of violence and sexuality, epic stories revolve around strong female characters.Lacroix, an old friend and collaborator of Bourgeon from times pre-dating those of his other series, created the decors and many of the more important objects of the Cyann series by making sketches and drawings and paintings, and also a few solid three-dimensional models at times.The solid model for the city in "Les couleurs de Marcade" took up several meters of space at Lacroix's home.

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