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Australian soap operas “Neighbors” and “Home and Away” have been credited with producing a long line of Hollywood stars from Russell Crowe and Naomi Watts to new generation A-listers Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie, but there may be a new kid on the block.Teen drama “Dance Academy” lasted three seasons in Australia, from 2010-2013, but many of its young alums are now making waves in Hollywood.After the disbandment of the replacement team, Sophia featured on the elite team for a few episodes before finally departing the show in Rotten to the Core.To see Sophia Lucia's other credits, visit the Sophia Lucia/Credits subpage.To see Sophia Lucia's placements on the pyramid, visit the Sophia Lucia/Pyramid subpage.To see tables for Sophia Lucia's dances and results, visit the Sophia Lucia/Dances subpage. They are also aided by organizations like Australians in Film, which showcases and supports homegrown talent working in L. build a network of people they trust is important – it demystifies the city and helps them focus on what they came here to do.” The longevity of the Hollywood careers of the new “Dance Academy” grads are a wait-and-see game, but that famous Australian work ethic and drive to succeed will be keeping most of them Stateside for the foreseeable future to work on just that.A., and which also gives out the Heath Ledger Scholarship, which enables promising young Australian actors to move to Hollywood to further pursue their careers. may be greater, but so is the competition,” said said Matilda Comers, marketing director of Australians in Film . “At the moment, my focus is to stay in Hollywood and see what I can keep building in terms of momentum,” said Lonsdale.

In season two, Tara and Kat both begin as best friends again until Christian and Tara break-up and Kat ends up kissing Christian.She is happiest dancing barefoot, ideally somewhere in the middle of a wheat paddock, and dreams of becoming a professional dancer.She is naive, sensitive, and completely unprepared for life at the ultra-competitive National Academy of Dance.So I told my agent, whenever they do Season 2, I have to have an audition.” Despite the fact that he was brand new to acting, Lonsdale and other greener actors were surrounded by veterans of the craft, allowing shows like “Dance Academy” and the aforementioned “Home & Away” and “Neighbors” to produce fresh talent, according to Lloyd.“These shows combine a cast of fresh young newcomers with extremely experienced, well regarded senior cast members,” he said.

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