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He currently lives with his wife Georgia Horsley in Manchester.In July 2017 the couple announced that Horsley is pregnant with their first child.But we are totally loving being parents to our gorgeous little Cooper. Oooooh we have had some absolutely amazing presents! It's a beautiful baby blue and is hand painted and personalised – from his aunty Vicky and uncle Ant. Remember to listen to one another, don't forget to kiss and cuddle each other and not just your new baby, and remember it's normal to snap and argue. You’re exhausted and have a new little person to look after and it’s so normal to get annoyed with each other! This is what we use to keep his little bum soft and nappy rash free! Water Wipes are great for nappy changes and sticky mitts! I think the most difficult part is the long hours with little or no breaks and hardly any food! Seeing the final images from a shoot in magazines / on billboards / on TV etc is so rewarding.What did you do to prepare for the birth and arrival of Cooper?

Danny Jones first dated the Miss England of 2008 Laura Coleman.

Later on, after 13 years, Danny Jones was reconnected with his estranged father in July 2017.

Danny met Tom Fletcher in 2003 during an audition for a show.

One thing that I’m so glad I did was keep my exercise regime up, even in the final months. babygrows, vests, nappies etc packed into our hospital bags (which then became our changing bags! What have the first few months of parenthood been like? My Expert Midwife Nipple Balm, for sore nips, dry skin and great as a lip balm!

It made me feel energised and strong through my pregnancy (and during labour! Amazing, scary, crazy, hectic, hard work, sleep deprived!

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