Dating a close female friend

These are all very good signs that she likes you as more than just a friend, but the only true way to know is to ask. If you're not ready, you can test her by standing close to her, making eye contact and even putting your arm around her shoulder and see how she responds.

If she seems comfortable with it, consider that a good sign.

Those are just a few and there are much more but these above are the most noticeable ways to tell if a girl is falling for you.

And my third friend likes talking to me but that is a bit complicated because she is married and she tells me that she loves her husband and I have also confessed my love to her after moving on from my first "girl" "friend" to looking for another mate.

And she wasn't furious at all, knowing that I know that she is married!

-The person will talk about what it would be like if you were in a romantic relationship together.

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