Dating a guy no chemistry

In other words, you can have an amazing marriage to a man even if you don’t obsess about him, miss him mournfully while he’s gone for a few hours, or be positive he’s your soulmate. You hear so many people who think women are supposed to be in a relationship with someone just because they’re nice to you and are commitment minded.Well yes, those are non-negotiables, but it’s a little more complicated than that.Feel free to comb through 800 blog posts and 41,000 comments over six years. Which brings us back to TJ, our original poster: You’ve got a guy who seems like a great guy and is doing everything right on paper.

Now, where readers have twisted my words — annoyingly, repeatedly — is by suggesting that I’ve somehow told you to give up on chemistry. Yet somehow, many readers seem to struggle with the concept of a nuanced world, instead of a black and white one where a man is either your instant soulmate or a complete turnoff.

This is why I have long advocated putting compatibility up on the same pedestal as chemistry, and perhaps elevate it even higher.

Simply put: A relationship with a 7 chemistry and a 10 compatibility is a happy marriage.

Of course, it’s still a wonderful feeling, but life experience and science have taught us a few things about chemistry.1) Chemistry is temporary.

Usually, chemistry lasts from 1 ½ to 3 years before it wears off. At this point, many women become disillusioned with their partners, even though all it means is that you’re finally seeing him clearly.2) Chemistry is dangerous.

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