Dating a man in an open relationship

However, this is the wrong approach, as opening up a weak relationship is likely going to destroy it.In fact, if you want an open relationship to have any chance of succeeding, there has to be a strong and sturdy foundation in place.In other words, both members of the relationship are openly allowed and able to have other sexual and/or romantic partners.And while non-monogamy is a fundamental characteristic, there are different types of open relationships, such as those in which both you and your partner engage in physical and/or romantic relationships with other people or just one of you does.And while jealous feelings can certainly develop in a monogamous commitment, they're likely to be more prevalent in an open relationship simply due to its very nature.Some people choose to have an open relationship in the hopes that it’ll save a failing connection.While an open relationship is based on honesty, candor and respect, it may be hard for you not to develop feelings of jealousy.In fact, it’s not uncommon for those in an open relationship to feel a bit threatened or intimidated by the different people your partner may pursue.

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In order to determine if an open relationship is the right choice for both you and your mate, it’s important to not only understand what an open relationship entails, but the different pros and cons of this type of connection as well. By definition, an open relationship is one in which two people in an ongoing relationship aren’t exclusive with one another.But while dating I felt fulfilled in the relationship, and I learned something different about myself. Of course, you do you and find the type of relationship you think will make you fulfilled.Nevertheless, I will say don’t knock something until you’ve tried it.I never planned to date a guy in an open relationship.It wasn’t that I was so gung-ho on monogamy, I just figured it wasn’t for me. (Or, rather, they didn’t discuss their open relationships with kids.

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