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If we can collectively agree that the need to practice self-control is a given part of man's nature - and we are specifically speaking about "man," then wives should feel an obligation to at least consider ways in which their denial of sex puts undue strain upon the expectation of a husband's fidelity.

While this does not give a man freedom to place blame on a woman for his infidelity, it does make it necessary for a woman to take responsibility for her decisions regarding withholding sex in a marriage.

I loved my job, I loved my new baby, and I loved my husband.

Although the plan was to essentially have it all, I can't say it was as much my own personal goals as simply the general goals of women my age.

No matter what age they live in, women will always have certain obligations if they have been called to the vocation of marriage.

Some obligations will be embraced while others will be considered necessary but unpleasant.

There won't be any problem if it waits till next week." The week then passes and Saturday morning the wife fully expects that the lawn will be cut because now it is getting a bit long and the neighbors are eyeing it.

The rules and regulations of sexual intimacy between a Jewish husband and wife are many and are meant for their mutual benefit.

Most specifically, this attitude ended up in the marriage bed where a woman was now "expected" to withhold herself even if it was just to make a statement.

It was all about "her" and not about "them." Women were now "in charge" of everything and men were on their way to paying the price for whatever role they may or may not have had in the repression of women. Let's say this same woman, who no longer gave freely of herself in bed, was married to a man who woke up one Saturday and said, "Honey, I need a break today. " All other things being equal - meaning we assume this husband is responsible and a good husband and father - this wife's response will be something like this, "Sure!

By Cheryl Dickow My first job after college graduation was as a "Training Specialist" at a large corporation. It was the mid-80's and I had all sorts of plans for life.

I had just delivered my first son and my sister was his caregiver during my long days at work.

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