Dating age limit rule 100 dating mail 2016

Men deem women acceptable at about the same age or younger until they reach about 40.

After that, their maximum age begins to decrease, and they believe they should be with women who are younger than their own age. When it comes to women, the rule does not follow along with the same guidelines.

Okay, we have all known that guy who’s about 100 and going out with someone young enough to be, well, their caregiver *or their grandchild*.

When it comes to dating, there is an unspoken dating age rule.

In general, women report their minimum age requirements are much higher than the rule.

For instance, a forty-year-old man thinks that fantasizing about a 25-year-old is acceptable. There seems to be a cut off age where a girl is too young period.When it comes to women choosing a relationship, they prefer a man much closer to their own age than someone much older.The rule underestimates women considering someone close to their own age as much more acceptable.Also, many lawmakers have gone to great lengths to protect young people. The science of the dating age rule So, what does science say about the dating age rule?There are times when the dating age rule can be tantamount to child sexual abuse. Apparently, it is a mathematical equation that goes something like only dating someone half your age plus seven years for a successful, fair, equitable, and peaceful relationship with someone who is your equal on the minimum scale.

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