Dating and playing with hair

It's looking to each eye, down to her mouth and then back up to her eyes to reconnect." Yes, I'm pretty sure I've done that.

"Another thing men do is to hold their shoulders back.

They breathe in and sort of puff themselves up." I've definitely done that but isn't it just having good posture? Oh well, I suppose if you get your thumbs stuck in your trousers you could always tell her how you feel.

A third, Hemmings says, is "putting your thumbs through the belt loops of your trousers".

"If you want to deliver a message without speaking you would hold someone's eyes," says Hemmings.

On the other hand: Is she hiding her hands by placing them on her hips, crossing her arms, or stuffing them in her pockets? For example: If the flow of conversation between you is quick and effortless, it’s a really strong sign that she likes you.

On the other hand: If you’re doing most of the talking, and she’s not offering a lot of responses, she may not be as interested.

I'd have thought those were symptoms of nervousness.

What was that about men being unable to read the signs?

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