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However, his main goal is gaining control of the company. So when John Ross suddenly doesn't have his father anymore, John Ross goes on a "dark mission." Though his time with J. "With everything John Ross does in the future he'll hear his father's voice." In addition to teaching him about his ruthless business tactics, John Ross learned a lot about the opposite sex from watching J. Growing up, John Ross is very aware of how unhealthy his parents' relationship is, so he never takes much from it. John Ross begins taking his anger out on his cousin Christopher (Joshua Harris) and his new stepmother, Cally (Cathy Podewell). In 1991, John Ross moves to London with Sue Ellen and his new stepfather, Don Lockwood (Ian Mc Shane).

In the series premiere of the continuation, John Ross gets the upper hand on J. which allows for viewers to understand that John Ross is just as tricky as his father. spend most of the season trying to stay a step ahead of one another. Executive producer Cynthia Cidre said that the romance emerges from "convenience" and common enemies. John Ross seems to have become a carbon copy of his father. Elena discovers his manipulations, dumps him, and reunites with Christopher.

Because he doesn't have strong relationships with his parents, John Ross is on his own.

According to Henderson, John Ross's main focus at the beginning of the season is exacting revenge on Christopher and Elena. He's not here to tell me when I'm about to make a mistake." According to Henderson, John Ross will come to understand that his father is still with him. sends him off the boarding school to spite Sue Ellen. When John Ross returns from England with Sue Ellen, he is jealous of his newly discovered older half-brother, James Beaumont (Sasha Mitchell).John Ross treats life as a game of chess and does his best to stay a step ahead of everyone. "I don't see John Ross as a bad guy," Henderson said. At the beginning he was very much, ‘I need to prove myself. Obviously when JR passes it’s a brand new John Ross all over again.Taking advice from Hagman himself, Henderson's John Ross relishes being bad and savors every moment of it. You’re going to see him change and to continue to change and evolve, which is great as an actor, it’s just sad that these circumstances are what they are." From the first episode in the continuation, John Ross and Christopher are at one another's throats as they nearly come to blows at Christopher's wedding.Henderson told Access Hollywood that John Ross decided not to attend college.Instead, he traveled to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

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