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My best Dates were strolling around in a public place doing something together and maybe getting a bite to eat or a drink.

They weren’t necessarily dates to me at the time however.I think you are trying too hard to categorise things into 'good boy' and 'bad boy' stereotypes, what use is it? More active girls possibly enjoy those active dates as they're sharing something they enjoy with someine. Why does it seem that you are classing that which may be boring as 'good'? A non-boring date to me is with someone who has a decent conversation with me.First of all, never listen to what a girl says she's attracted to because even she has no idea.Not everyone would agree though and I am sure Dinner Dates and the Movies still have their place, I really enjoy a good Dinner Date myself. I don’t think it’s a “bad” boy trait not to bring flowers, but like, on the first few dates, bringing flowers is just overwhelming. Both people are still trying to figure out if they like each person is obviously signficantly more keen than the other it can feel a bit pressuring (to me anyway).It does look like there is a conflict of dating rules for everyone. The idea of bringing flowers to a first date feels a bit like a school formal or an American movie or something from the 1950s. I wouldn’t necessarily say no to something like indoor rock climbing (although query whether you’d want to be in gym kit and a harness on a first date :p) and as the other poster said, a nice walk around a park can be just as nice.

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