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He looked at me straight in the eyes, though, and as I was examining his stretched ears and pierced brow, I wondered how strange it was that so far my best dates had been the ones I had been the most indifferent about beforehand. Eight years with the same girl, three years under a legal licence.

He wasn’t the first Brazilian my age who I’d met who’d already dipped their toes in the marital waters. When young Brazilians go dancing to the clubs, they’re looking for a hot partner for a one-night hook-up or a make-out buddy just for the fun of making out with somebody.

I moved to him; when we stood in front of each other the tips of our shoes touched.

I laughed and pointed out that we were wearing almost matching outfits.

Ironically enough, even the language seems to address this juxtaposition:.

One of my friends had suggested that Brazilians married young because of religion; Brazil is a mostly Catholic country, and even though the lives of the youth seem to be more devoted to hard work and gym selfies, religion still plays a big part in everyday lives. Do Brazilians marry young because it’s customary or are they just madly in love? ‘I guess it’s a bit of both.’ Then he fixed his gaze on me. I think you might be taller than me.’ A valid concern – I’m only 5’4’’ but often I have found myself one of the tallest in the group.

I found it endearing how his straight white teeth shined through his beard when he laughed.

I thought he wasn’t afraid of me; some guys laugh when I crack a joke because they don’t know what else to do, and perhaps they find my strand of humour perplexing in its straightforward, gently insulting manner.

He spoke quickly but clearly – two attributes that rarely clash.When he told me he owned a business that delivered . I’m glad I understood that; most of the other things he was saying I was just occupying my most preferred Portuguese survival strategy, smiling and waving. He had also broken up with a long-term girlfriend just two weeks prior, and I was his first date since. So, instead of trying to play a Portuguese-retarded therapist, I changed the subject and asked him if he had ever been robbed. He drove me home in his beat-up Chev Onix with its seats leaning back like in a time machine and an exhaust pipe that never shut up. I knew it the minute I traded my ripped jeans for pyjama bottoms.In a true Brazilian fashion, he had dusted himself off quickly and leapt back into the saddle, apparently. He got up to open the door for me, not as a gentlemanly gesture but because that was the only way the door opened. If you’re looking for a life lesson here, kids, it is this: only date people who are worth putting on trousers for.What I loved the best was how it was to start a conversation.Finnish guys are not exactly known for their flirtatious flairs, but in Brazil most of my matches were conversation-starters, date-askers, go-getters.

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