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Orkster proves his versatility as he reads “Tin Roof Blues,” “Down Home Rag,” and “Musk- rat Ramble.” Lombardo directs his attention to beat in the offering, giving the tunes rendered here a fast-moving, swinging flavor that is com- pletely enjoyable. AMi-RICA' PAVORI “HAZY IN DIXIE” — Hazy Osterwald — Dot DLP 3390 Hazy Osterwald and his sextet are a new group but their sound is polished, effective and mature as they read a collection of newies and Dixieland favorites. Exclusive Seeburg Distributors in New York, New Jer- sey, Connecticut.

Ditto for Kansoma topper Bobby Poe, who figures on a biggie in “Big” A1 Down- ing’s bow on the new label, “The Story Of My Life” and “I’d Love To Be Loved.” . “GUY LOMBARDO AND THE ROYAL CANAD- IANS GO DIXIE”— Capitol ST 1648 Guy Lombardo has cast aside his familiar sweet sounds to come up with a lively bag of Dixie fa- vorites.

Economists are predicting a tre- mendous business year, for one. RAY ALLEN & THE UPBEATS (Blast 204) (B-b) “LA BAMBA” () [Kemo BMI — ^Valens] From an LP devoted to hits by teen stars who have died, singer Allen and his crew do a good-sounding job on one of the late Richie Valens’ smashes. The later selection is centered on the happy, spirited occasion of marriage. Now offered for sale at a fraction of cost to compose.

They feel the public will be spend- ing more and saving less during ’61. and my how your , MONO or STEREO cash discount C1013 NOT INCLUDED Cl 006 Cl 007 Cl 009 Cl Ol O SCl Ol O Cl 01 2 SC1012 Cion scion Cl 01 4 SCI 01 4 C2001 SC2001 C2002 C2003 SC 2003 ; For Years A Leader In Singles ! (B) “PEGGY SUE” () [Nor- vajak BMI — Holly, Allison, Petty] A soft-spoken stint on the late Buddy Holly’s famed vehicle. Jubilee veep and national promo di- rector, Murray Deutch and indie promo man Carle Deane, are quite ex- cited over the star prospects of Dick Ruedebusch and his debut LP, “Meet Mr. Singers Adele Margolin and Mort Freeman are excellent, as is Shmuel Fershko, who conducts an orchestra gathered especially for this disk. FOR SALE — 1600 buyers and importers of coin operated equipment outside USA.

Then there is the “Twist” which has developed into a much bigger boost to the record industry than anyone had anticipated. Also from the LP, which is tagged “Trib- ute To Six.” ALLEN COLLAY (Instant 3241) ^ (B-b) “FOUR DAYS — FOUR NIGHTS” () [Tune-Kel BMI — Collay] Collay’s gets to the teen heart of the pleasing teen wistful. ^ j RECORDS /rs A $/m SHi MMnr summ mmi K CFART-l ) ^£Afe&Arodr$ CHECKER-] LOOS' 1 c: H PRODUCING CORP. Casb RECORD RAMBLINGS NEW YORK: Vee Jay’s Red Schwartz dropped by to tell us that it looks like the label has the first million seller of ’62 in Gene Chandler’s “Duke Of Earl.” . Trumpet.” Dick’s been booked for a 1/21 Ed Sullivan shot and a stint on the up-coming Dinah Shore spec. JAZZ PICKS OF THE WEEK “THE TRIO” — Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen — Verve V8420 The name of Oscar Peterson stands out as one of the foremost jazz 88er’s around today. We have 125-100 se- lection Seeburg Wallboxes, chrome covers, good condition throughout.

And we believe that the Twist has only scratched the surface of its poten- tial. with a little extra initiative and a little-bit-o’-luck, it could be down right great. Combo-chorus setting, including sax- keyboard solos, is a good-sounding affair. (B) “BYE BYE BLACKBIRD”^ () [Remick ASCAP— Henderson, Dixon] Oldtimer is up- dated with a good, sing-along-like feeling. IN Jan Burgens MIDNIGHT IN MOSCO W 10503 n* •i 5 - \ *Also breaking big in Minneapoiis, St. The Peter- son trio, with Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums, has earned many laurels for their orig- inal approach and musical excellence and this LP must rate as still another honor for the talented group. Central Avenue Los Angeles 2, California Phone: LOrain 7-2466 BEST SELLING on AUDIO FIDELITY! List FULL DEALER MARKUP AFLP 1956 AFSD 5956 THE BEST OF THE J BONUS PRE-PAK DISPLAY Hot as a Twist-ol! Closing out at .00 on a first come, first serve basis.

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Chanter has a deep, natural voice with enough sincerity and country authority to take him to the inner ranks of country stardom.

Felicitations to Cash Box Caro^n Peartree, who recently announced her engagement to taller-than-a-tree Ken- neth Bantun. “SONGS OF BROKEN LOVE AFFAIRS”— Claude Gray — Mercury MG 206.58 Newcomer Claude Gray shows his stuff in fine form in this first LP offering on Mercury.

Thirdly, during the past few weeks, we have heard a great many encouraging remarks about sales total for both hot albums and sin- gles— including word that a few re- cent singles have gone over the mil- lion mark. THE DEVOTIONS (Roulette 4406) (B-b) “RIP VAN WINKLE” () [Sidmore BMI — Sanchez] ’ Solid old-fashioned upbeat novelty blend from the R&B-flavored song- sters. The trio beautifully preserves the melody harmonies of “Billy Boy,” “Chicago,” and “Some- times I’m Happy” while taking off on the com- plexities of improvisation. IRVING FIELDS ORCH New Everest Album “TWIST-ING” THE HULA HULA TWIST LATIN QUARTER TWIST SOCIETY TWIST INTERNATIONAL TWIST IRISH TWIST Mills Music, 1619 B’way, N. 19 The Vonnair Sisters “GOODBYE TO TOYLAND" and “I Don’t Wanna Play In Your Yard” F-390 Moving up on all Charts! i Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean, whose runaway Co- lumbia all-market best-selling record- ing of “Big Bad John,” followed-up by “Dear Ivan,” now comes through with “Sleeping Beauty,” as a third bid for chartdom. After this tour, Dean worked on local radio and TV stations in Washington. Rush your order and deposit to SHELDON SALES DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION.

It’s encouraging news considering how rare such an event was last year. Included are such gimmick sounds as “snoring” and a bowling ball striking pins. Disk should be a big JAZZ PICKS OF THE WEEK (Cont’d) SAA} “ERROLL GARNER PLAYS MISTY”— Mercury SR60662 Erroll Garner has tagged this new Mercury out- ing after “Misty,” one of his own compositions that his fans request more than any other Garner offering. t “BABY DON’T | LEAVE ME” Joe Henderson Todd 1066 Nationally dist thru JAY-GEE RECORDS CO., INC. 48th St., NYC The Ikettes I’M BLUE (The Gong-Gong Song) ATCO 6212 ATCO Records 1841 Broadway, NYC giiriiiiiriiri Miiriiiiiiinii Mi Mriiiiiriirii Miiii Miiiiiiriiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I Watch this become I I a smash! Born 32 years ago on a farm out- side Plainview, Texas, Jimmy began his musical career at the age of 10, first learning to play piano, then mastering accordion and the guitar. In April 1957, he auditioned for a Projected Television Network show — and won.

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