Dating does he like you

As always, the men of Reddit had some honest input on the matter.

If he hugs you when he sees you…does he hug everyone else? Maybe he deliberately ignores you in a group…but is always making eyes at you. If you know them well, you could even take one aside and ask if the guy likes you!You’ve got to filter through the duds with online dating. But don’t expect him to do the same things you do with your body when you’re attracted to someone. Researchers at the University of Kent found that people’s pupils dilate when they see a photo of someone they’re attracted to.Men have their own way of giving off evidence that they’re interested. And it doesn’t matter if they’re clothed or naked: same result.Ask others in the group for their insights on how he’s treating you…or even ask them to talk to him to get the skinny about how he feels. Think back to grade school when Bobby always pulled your pigtails. Hopefully, this guy’s got better game than Bobby did, but the message is the same: he’s telling you he finds you attractive and wants your attention. You never ever ran into this guy until you started wondering , and suddenly he’s everywhere.I don’t know why women don’t think men get nervous around them! He’s picking up his dry cleaning when you’re dropping yours off.

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