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If you decide not to stay, be polite, but firm, when exiting.

GUEST’S ANSWER: Online dating has provided opportunities to meet people in a faster, easier and more efficient way.

If you have to be late, fire off a quick text (not while driving! They’re left in the dark wondering, “What happened? ” I don’t mean grilling someone relentlessly, but if you’re going to spend your hard-earned time, money, and energy, don’t you want to be sure you ask some key questions?

These questions can help you decide if you even want to see them again.

This information is for the mindful person who’s open to considering new and fresh areas around that first date.

My only goal in this crash course is to offer you some things to consider as you approach your next first date, during and after. How do we make your first dates more effective for you and the other person?

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Otherwise, the conversation remains superficial and boring, and you may miss that possible connection.QUESTION: My experience on the existing dating site has been horrible.The pictures don’t match up to the people when I meet them and sometimes when I meet them, I want to walk away.There's an old expression that you shouldn't mix business with pleasure.But we spend dozens of hours each week at our workplaces -- more time than we have to spend on many recreational activities.

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