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All of that risky behavior was endorsed by family and doctors because at 5’1”, a size 12 is obese on the BMI scale.

No matter how hard I tried I still never could get skinny enough to reach these arbitrary ‘beauty and health’ goals.

I make sure I’m spending a lot of me-time pursuing my goals and taking breaks when I need them.”“I grew up hearing, ‘you have such a pretty face,’ which only left me feeling ashamed of the rest of my body.

It made me question my value as a person in this world.

As my grandmother always said, ‘everything in moderation.’ If you find yourself doing anything in the extreme, from extreme exercising to extreme binging, it’s a sign of poor health, in my opinion. To me I know I am healthier now than when I ‘looked healthy’ more than 80 lbs.

Feeling good, having great skin, having energy from getting enough sleep, and eating well are their own rewards, rather than trying to compare a dress size.”— Marianna Leung, curvy blogger and designer“Back in college in 2001, I finally quit a lifetime of crash dieting, prescription diet pills, and disordered eating, mainly because I couldn’t take the heart palpitations anymore.A MAN has called for Tinder to implement a 'weight setting' for woman - accusing ladies of 'fat-fishing'. "It annoys the living f*** out of me that women aren't held to the same societal standards regarding attraction that men are." Her then added: "I have no issue with a woman if she is fat. Also, it is totally okay with me if a woman isn't attracted to me because I'm 5'9"." And many people actually agreed with him. I’ve learned to immediately swipe left on closeup selfies but what are these women expecting?He said fat-fishing was like cat-fishing, when a person pretends to look like someone different online, but with their weight. "Just lie until you meet up and just hope he doesn’t care?I don’t let my weight hold me back from anything, or torture me into thinking I have to do something to be a better human.”— Jessica Torres, fashion blogger and Instagram model“Showing is proving.When you are stronger and have more endurance than your thinner counterparts, that’s all the proof that is needed.

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