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You meet your Korean sweetheart's parents for the first time only once, so why not cease the opportunity and make an epic, lasting impression? If you're not Korean, the parents will be more forgiving of your butchered pronunciation.If you're Korean by blood, regardless of where you were raised, you'll need to be extra alert.I had found the person I wanted to spend my life with.I thought not talking about the past was a way of saying, "Who cares?

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Later he told me the relationship had been so long ago that he hadn't even thought about it when we'd been staying there. But baring ourselves to each other with abandon is hot.He says it's because he doesn't really think about other people he's slept with, which I hope isn't a nice soft lie.Chuck: I didn’t understand why she wanted to know details about my past sexual history, which I honestly don't dwell on.It's an opportunity to bond and show her that you know a thing or two about Korean food! Wear something clean, conservative and semi-casual. Avoid short skirts, baggy pants, low-cut shirts and anything that makes you appear sloppy and/or seductive. Black socks might secretly be dirty and can demand too much attention on light-colored floors. What if you need to take off your socks during the visit? (See above.)Be the best of yourself and hope for the best.You can't force people to like you, but with a genuine smile and peaceful attitude, you can score some mega kimchi points.

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