Dating former student after graduation

I want to ask him for coffee but haven’t because I’ve heard this might jeopardize his job. Lawyers date their clients all the time.” It is good and responsible for websites, whatever their topic, to raise ethical issues for discussion.

I don’t mind as much that he might turn me down since I’m no longer his student. Unfortunately, as in the case of “Dating Glory,” the readership of most blogs prove to be as unequipped to deal with these questions as the blogger, resulting in a consensus answer based on rationalizations, ethical fallacies and misconceptions.

Especially if they are both single and in and around the same age? I like my professor (used to be professor ) a lot, and I get the feeling he likes me.

He spends a lot of time talking with me in his office and he often looks at me in ways that makes me think he does like me.

Minimum, there would be about a four year age difference, which isn't outlandish. A group still invites me out to lunch when we're all in town. He was turning 21 so I was probably 26 or 27 at the time. I like to think most teachers feel that way if they've taught k12. Biologically and legally they are doing nothing wrong.

Ethically, once the relationship of power is off the table, it's just two adults having fun. From a perspective of professionalism, it is extremely unprofessional to carry on romantic relationships with current or former students. If documented in some kind of civil or media action, it can end your career. Then the cat was out of the bag, but marriage sent a message that it was a serious personal decision and not a flippant foolery of professional indiscretion. But the administration really supports them both and really wants to do whatever they can to keep them because the program is running so successfully with their leadership. In this day and age, it's not just about ethics exclusively. If you are on the chopping block already, dating a former student could definitely give a willing administrator the ammunition to go after you. A teacher always has superior power over any student by virtue of his or her position of authority, and it is an abuse of that power to use it to entice students into dates or bed.And like the commenter who focused narrowly on the “consenting adult” factor, it is naive to ignore the extended conflicts such relationships create.After a few months, we started hanging out, going to fights, etc together.We married while I was still his student and kept it pretty quiet.

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