Dating gerber mark ii knife

In other words how do these people know what year their knife was made by the serial numbers?

So your two knives are type BA2 wide wasp blades with 8-teeth per inch serrations.S/N 074607 was made in the later months of 1916 was made in the early months of 1979. I guess you have to shovel a lot of coal to find a couple of diamonds!!Your sheath which I call a type PT5 is the correct one for both of your knives. The bonus is that I learnt about a great new site that I can refer Gerbaholics to!!The tip has been broken off and blade has seen better days as well. My buddy, as I said earleir, was an M-60 gunner with C Co. He was also qualified to operate an M113A1 vehicle.It is funny, I have all of his paperwork here at the house except for one piece.

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