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The gorgeous person you fell in love with becomes harder and harder to find. But in your mind they’re just hidden deep within this imposter Hyde.

Cry in horror: ‘I don’t want to become like my (parent) and repeat what they did to me as a child’. I could have spent my life justifying the ‘bad side’ of him. If I loved him unconditionally that meant I had no right to change him.

But it was brief enough for me to think: did I imagine him? The man I fell in love with wasn’t to blame for the abuse I suffered, that darker side wasn’t the ‘real him’. If only I could prove to him I was worthy of him, then that would be all he needed to nourish the good side and banish his bad side forever. The loving, romantic side was more a mask he’d learnt to wear to hide that fact. They know exactly what to say to reel you back in, especially after they’ve hurt you. And can even express their own shock or anger over Mr Hyde’s abhorrent behaviour. Anything but take responsibility for Hyde’s actions. Forever hoping for that ‘good side’ to return and stay for good.

So, you try everything you can not to provoke an appearance. And you’ll be blamed for any abuse he (or she) dishes out. Especially as you start to see more and more of your partner’s darker side. We are desperate to get the wonderful Dr Jekyll back.

“It’s like one moment you’re dating Ryan Gosling from the Notebook and the next you’re transported to hell with SRK from Darr,” explains Ruhanika shedding light on the unpredictable behavior she experienced with her ex.So it took me a while to realize it was never getting better”, she rues indicating that a psychopath’s true personality only shows a little ways down the road. ” says Siya talking about the social pressures that compel her to stay in a mentally draining partnership.Adarsh Goel sheepishly admits that he first thought Geetika was just ‘PMS’ing when she had crazy mood swings. And if you’re super surprised by this information, know that people who have been paying more attention to Anwar/Dua than you’ve been have suspected that Dua and Anwar were dating for a couple of weeks now—according to , the two were seen hanging out at Anwar’s birthday party in Malibu last month.Dua and her previous boyfriend called things off in early June, and it’s possible that she was set up with Anwar via his big sister Gigi Hadid, who Dua is reportedly close friends with.

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