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The Cinellis represent investors who have not been identified.Opponents of the proposed sale, organized as the United Heirs of Atrisco, obtained an injunction last week that pre­vented an election scheduled on Dec. Heirs, totaling about 1, 700, have been offered mmillion over a 20‐year period for the land, southwest of Albuquerque. 26—Legal problems entangling the historic Town of Atrisco land grant—50, 000 acres set aside by the Spanish crown in the 17th century—will be aired in court here on Monday.It is stated that there are many other such wrecks along the Mediterranean coast.As our possibilities grow, we can reach others,” Karaloğlu said.

The shipwreck is estimated to remain off the western coast of Antalya, but its exact place was not revealed to prevent it from being looted.

Hailing the discovery as a “breakthrough,” the governor said, “Akdeniz University has an underwater research center in Kemer.

As a result of the work carried out by the team headed by Öniz, we say that it is in the west of Antalya, but we cannot say the exact location at the moment.”“If we tell the exact place, unfortunately, it is very likely to be looted.

19.“We know people who will offer more than the Cinelli brothers,” Bennie Aragon, one of the opponents, said.

Most of the land is unde­veloped desert, but an early traveler described it as“the best site for grazing” sheep and cattle in the new‐found terri­tory.

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