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In terms of social status this type of migrations is often correlated with the formation of large ethno-linguistic communities, but uses to be interpreted in narrow format of the ecological adaptation of a hunters group.Attempts at the reconstruction of three-dimensional models (activity patterns) of ancient cultures of the North are doomed to be fruitless, unless they are based on the experience of similar modeling with regard to the recent epochs.Outstanding artistic phenomena and other examples of high potential of the Northern cultures are usually attributed to the southern influence, while other events of northern prehistory are deduced from climatic changes and migrations of the game animals.Climatic changes significantly affected, indeed, the Arctic cultures opening new opportunities or terminating previous trends.2001-2002 – theory of strongly correlated electron systems: generalization of Luttinger theorem for strongly correlated electron systems, spin-fluctuations study. Kirensky Institute of Physics SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk, Russia 2016 – Prof. Keimer department at Max-Planck-Institut FKF, Stuttgart, Germany, June 11-23 2013 – Prof.

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Did the North ever give birth to cultures that managed to surpass the subsistence ground and create social systems comparable with the southern civilizations?

Two-dimensional model exists only in the virtual academic environment, since in reality even a Robinsonade would be unthinkable outside the social context.

However, the two-dimensional model is a very convenient research tool, as it allows to use a rigorous and substantiated set of criteria.

By its constitution the northern culture fits the changeable environment and combines various levels of mobility, from the routine seasonal migrations to the military and trade expansions.

Any culture is built in a triangle man-nature-society.

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