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Production of the MIK Performers ended in 1998 and the production moved to Japan in 1999.There is not a precise way of dating the production numbers across all four years of MIK production (I only have a few dates aligned with serial numbers as of right now); if you have a MIK guitar please post the serial number and any other information at

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There is a slight exception to this format for several 1996 models.The new 7 digit MIJ serial system was suppose to start at the end of the Professional series which was suppose to end in 1995, but it appears a few Professional series guitars were made into early 1996.Some new "No Series" name MIJ guitars for 1996 (like the SDK-2, the Stealth EX, etc) received 6 digit serial numbers during this transition period while the Professional series was ended (there also are some Professionals that received 7 digit new format serial numbers and some new "No Series" guitars that received the new 7 digit serial number sequence [96] in their 6 digit serial numbers, so anything is possible during this transition in early 1996).I will start with this and if others with more knowledge (or corrections if need be) will post contributions I will edit this first post: Jackson Import Bolt-on serial number guide: 0-5 | Professional (MIJ) [or No Series (MIJ) for 1995], first digit denotes year (0=1990, 5=1995) 6 | 1996 No Series (MIJ) 90-95 | Fusion (MIJ), first two digits denotes year (90=1990, 95=1994) 96 | 1996 No Series MIJ before switch to 7 digit serial 1 | Performer (MIK) 94 | 1994 MIJ Concept guitars, first two digits denotes year (only made in 1994) 9 | 1996 MIJ (all MIJ series, even JS MIJ), started with 96xxxxx and went up sequentially (97,98, etc) 00-04 | JS (MII), X (MII) or very early JS30xx (MII) [2004 only], first two digits denotes year (00=2000, 04=2004) 6 | JS (MIT), probably the first digit denotes year (6=1996) 96-99 | JS (MII) or X (MII) first two digits denotes year (96=1996, 99=1999) Jackson imports started in 1990 after the success of the Charvel import series (1986-1991), which came out of the merger of Jackson and IMC.Jackson only imported neck thru Professional series MIJ guitars (the Pro models) in 19.

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