Dating karlek

When Olof decides to leave the village and work as floater, Elly wants to come along. Terje Vigen, a sailor, suffers the loss of his family through the cruelty of another man.

But when the plague comes, the people accuse Marit of witchcraft. See full summary » A new young priest begins his duty on a small island.

The condition you fear will happen has already happened.

To be formally alone would merely mean concretising…

There are many very lyrical scenes in the film, aided by music from Vivaldi and others. All the characters have their own names: that is: the actors' own names: so the character played by Keve is also called Keve, and so on.

I have always loved this film from the first time I saw it (on Swedish TV in 1982) and I have a VHS copy.

Du är välkommen med både långa och korta berättelser/ tanker/ tips och idéer.

They discover that Nyman was a very tough policeman who received ...

He likes to fly kites and there are several scenes of kite-flying in the movie, one of them with Ben Carruthers who has come to Sweden to be in Keve's film.

This is the actor who was in Cassevetes' Shadows.

Det är inte alltid lätt att hitta kärleken men den finns där ute.

Här har vi samlat så mycket det bara går om kärlek på nätet.

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