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A characteristic feature of Fischer’s position is his criticism of any clear-cut, general suggestion of how Jews should define themselves.This is also evident from his letters written to Hans Kohn (1891-1971) or in his letters to the French Zionist poet André Spire (1868–1966), which were recently discovered by the French literary scholar Marie-Odile Thirouin.Many German-speaking Jews experienced discrimination and feared violence in the post-war months and years not because they were Jewish, but rather because they were German.Some became Zionists after the war, but this did not necessarily entail a loss of emotional ties to German culture and language.

The author suggests alternatives to those nationalist and often pro-socialist interpretations. Ouzan and Manfred Gerstenfeld (eds), Postwar Jewish Displacement and Rebirth 1945-1967. Ouzan and Manfred Gerstenfeld (eds), Postwar Jewish Displacement and Rebirth 1945-1967.

Introduction to the Czech edition of transatlantic correspondence between the three generations of a Prague Jewish family which was torn apart by Nazism.

The letters - published in part in English first, and now in an extended Czech version - are a unique testimony of the process of segregation and isolation of Prague Jews in the key period of the "ghetto without walls" (Miroslav Kárný) before most of them were deported to Theresienstadt.

Moreover, even though many eventually settled in the United States and Israel, a considerable number opted to remain in Europe.

Some even settled in Germany and endeavoured to re-establish Jewish communities in the face of stinging criticism from the new centres of the Jewish world in Israel and the United States.

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