Dating men and women in ua 2016

Last week, the Daily Wildcat’s cover story revealed to readers systematic gender-based pay discrimination at the University of Arizona. At a university that boasts its business school, I couldn’t understand why the university would hire men at all, if it could hire women at a lower price.

In order to make the most of its money, the university should transition to hiring only female deans.

I would understand if female deans’ work is more than ,000 less valuable than a man’s. I would bet all the money in my wallet (two dollars) that it’s not the case.

According to a piece published in the Journal of Research in Education, female deans have higher resilience, or a better ability to operate in a changing environment while maintaining their effectiveness than men, on average.

The university may have non-gender reasons for this pay gap.

If so, I hope that the university would share so that female students will not be stuck with the reality that their university believes their work doesn’t deserve equal compensation, even though it has the nerve to take their money and time at the same rate.

The above opinion (obviously) should be taken in jest. One is that the gender-pay gap at this university sends an important message to female students: for some reason, our effort will be inherently less valuable to an organization than a man’s.

The university should not be sending this message to its students, because it undermines the aspirations of its female students.

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