Dating men confidence is everything Lonely naghty chat

She wants a man with a strong backbone who won’t allow himself to be pushed around by anyone, especially her.This goes back to early times where a woman was completely dependent on a man for her protection and survival.feminine, girly, emotional, changing her mind like the weather, being silly), she will eventually begin to lose respect and attraction for her man, and the relationship will either end, or they will end up living as roommates rather than lovers. In a relationship, it is the man’s responsibility to maintain and deepen the feelings of respect, attraction and love between him and his woman.To allow her to feel feminine around you, it’s important that you always strive to think, talk, feel, behave and take action in a masculine way. To do this, he has to be an emotionally strong, honest man that she can look up to and respect, rather than an emotionally weak man (e.g. A woman might enjoy bossing her guy around at the beginning of a relationship, but when she begins to notice that she can push him around and make him do everything for her, she will rapidly begin to lose interest in being with him.

Often, it’s a combination of traits working together to create that “magic spark.” It’s been popularized that men are drawn to the “damsel in distress,” the woman who needs a man to rescue her, but for emotionally healthy men – that doesn’t work.That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put in any effort to please her or meet her needs, but just don’t be her little bitch. If she is being too demanding, just laugh at her in a loving way and say, and have a laugh with her about it.If you can’t jokingly talk that way to your woman because you are worried that she will get angry, then you are her little bitch.She knows that she feels happier when she is with a man who can lovingly, but assertively put her back in her place when she steps out of line.A woman expects a man to be rising through the levels of life and reaching for his true potential, rather than hiding behind her and the relationship out of a fear of failure.

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