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Metadata can be created manually, or by automated information processing.Manual creation tends to be more accurate, allowing the user to input any information they feel is relevant or needed to help describe the file.Since then search engines have reduced their reliance on metatags, though they are still factored in when indexing pages.

Describing the contents and context of data or data files increases its usefulness.In the 2000s, as digital formats were becoming the prevalent way of storing data and information, metadata was also used to describe digital data using metadata standards.The first description of "meta data" for computer systems is purportedly noted by MIT's Center for International Studies experts David Griffel and Stuart Mc Intosh in 1967: "In summary then, we have statements in an object language about subject descriptions of data and token codes for the data.In these fields the word metadata is defined as "data about data".While this is the generally accepted definition, various disciplines have adopted their own more specific explanation and uses of the term.

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