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Nevertheless, I knew a day would come where Wellingtonians far and wide would be glad to receive my wisdom.Heck, it had taken me so long to figure out, surely the least I could do was convey my hard-won knowledge, while at my parent's house listening to my brother watch Choice TV downstairs and my mother cook fillet steak on a quiet evening.I've been on lots of dates and drinks and we have walked away from one another politely thinking "Never again". Then I discovered Tinder and online dating and everything changed (Yes, there are lots of horror stories about Tinder which you might have read about on somewhere like nz or The Daily Mail.

I'd been single for 2.5 years after my first dire relationship with a guy who I thought would be a good partner me because we shared similar taste in music. The main thing I struggled with in my earlier twenties was I thought I was a 'cool girl' (which equally applies to guys, actually).And, I'm hoping - without making your all vomit a little bit into your mouths - that we're living happily ever after from here on in.The main issue with dating in Wellington is that we all seem to have such disparate motivations. Do you mind if I write about dating and tell people we met on Tinder? Luckily, now being on the other side of the dating scene and having asked permission from Matt after a few drinks (picture the scene between courses at Tokeyo on Edward Street on Valentines Day - ME: "Babe, I've got something to ask.

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