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Since it is impossible for people to predict the future, the Gospels must have been written after the destruction in 70 AD.

There is also some possible evidence from the Book of Acts as to the early date of the gospels. Since Luke’s gospel was written before Acts, that would place it in the early 60’s of the first century or earlier.

This places the writing of the first three gospels within thirty years of the resurrection of Jesus.

Therefore, between the lack of the recording of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, as well as working back from the end of the Book of Acts we have internal evidence from the New Testament that the gospels were composed fairly soon after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We can place a beginning point as the last event described (death and resurrection around 30-33 AD) and an ending with our earliest manuscripts or quotations from these Gospels in other writings.

Christian apologists are eager to date the gospels as early as possible to minimize the period of oral history.

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