Dating of new testament

“P72” is the earliest copy of the epistle of Jude and the two epistles of Peter.

“P75,” which scholars date between AD 175 and 225, is the earliest known copy of the Gospel according to the Luke and one of the earliest of the Gospel according to John.

“P47” contains the oldest known text of the Book of Revelation.

This portion of the Gospel of John is so old that it helps to confirm the traditional date of the composition of the Gospel to be about the end of the first century.Interestingly, it is one of the earliest books to incorporate significant decoration to mark major divisions in the text.Per the British Library website, “The beginning lines of each book are written in red ink and sections within the book are marked by a larger letter set into the margin.Let’s look at a handful of important early New Testament manuscripts that scholars have discovered so far.Each serves to validate that our modern Bible is, indeed, a reliable representation of those early writings.

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