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I was seeing someone for 4 months, we were exclusive the whole time (just because both of us prefer to date one person at a time). Has anyone else got similar stories where the thought it was all going great for the first few months and then it just fizzled?

The pace wasn't too fast or too slow, we caught up twice a week and emotionally and physically connected. We are both busy with work and a social life but a few weeks ago he started getting busier and not able to (not wanting to) catch up as much which (long story short) led to today..

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How’d we determine which states are best and worst for online dating?First, we compared each state by opportunity, safety, and demographics.From there, we broke up each key component into relevant metrics, and weighed the percentages of each based on importance: We then calculated the weighted average of the 3 indicators per state, and translated that to a scale of 1-51 to determine the best and worst places to find love online. We identified the most popular dating app in each state to make your life easier: Sounds like Maine and Rhode Island have it made—you can take your date from Plenty Of Fish to go eat plenty of fish. We’re definitely noticing an East Coast trend here—and with such a high concentration of universities, singles, and higher median earnings, it makes sense.If you’re not an East Coast fan, don’t worry—Washington and North Dakota aren’t far behind.Let’s discuss our list of the worst states for online dating, and the best app to use if you’re going to risk it anyway: These states ranked at the bottom of our list in all three categories due to lack of interest, lower percentages of singles, and higher unemployment rates.

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