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No such news of his wedding and having a wife has ever surfaced out in the media.

Due to the absence of wife and girlfriend in his life, Tavis timely gets speculated to be gay.

The talk show host Tavis, who holds an American nationality and African-American ethnicity, is very tight-lipped when talking about his relationship status out in the media.

Unlike his open career, Tavis has concealed his marital status.

Perhaps, Tavis is just focused on his career rather than datings and relationship.

On 13 December 2017, indefinitely suspended Tavis Smiley as he was accused of having sexual relationships with multiple staff members.

Award-winning American journalist Tavis Smiley is a talk show host and an author. After that, So, he studied public affairs at the Indiana University at Bloomington.

Denise Pines is the wonder woman behind the Tavis Smiley brand.

“It was the one day of humidity, and we would start running and stop. I asked a generic question about running, and he said he usually runs over at Dorsey, but decided to come here,” she told Los Angeles Wave. But for the next two hours we talked and I just found him fascinating.

“Even when he told me who he was, I didn’t believe him because a girlfriend [back in Oakland] had warned me about L. I told him that I was interviewing for a [public relations] job at Pac Bell and he said he knows the vice president of the company and suggested I look him up in the phone book.

Despite all the hardships of childhood, Tavis focused on his career and moved on from his past to embrace professional bliss.

Being one of the versatile personalities, Tavis has written thirty-one books about political and social issues of American society.

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