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Even collecting toy trucks today could pay off for you in 20 years - if you save the original box!Toy trucks that sold for 49 cents in the 1930s can be worth thousands of dollars today.Its local chapters hold meetings, swap meets and other social opportunities to get together with friends who share a fascinating and enjoyable interest.Former Club president Karleen Buchholz offers this advice: "Educate yourself. Read collectors books and get to know other collectors." The club is family-oriented, and Karleen says she and other members have made friends around the world through their common interest.

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Petretti includes a valuable section that points out examples of counterfeit and fantasy items, including a series of bogus belt buckles peddled for years.

Today's collectors generally fall into two distinct groups: vintage collectors who are willing to invest large sums of money for the rare old items, and hobbyists who collect for the sheer fun of it.

No matter which group you're a part of, you'll find an astonishing variety in the value and type of collectibles available.

I also caution collectors who have found an item from the 1920s and think they've won the lottery.

Many of these pieces were produced in such large quantities that the prices reflect their widespread availability, even 80 years later.

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