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Another factor leading to abductions and murders is that the area is largely isolated and remote, with soft soil in many areas and carnivorous scavengers to carry away human remains; these factors precipitate violent attacks as perpetrators feel a sense of impunity, privacy and the ability to easily carry out their crimes and hide evidence.

The following list contains as comprehensively as possible all women within the Highway 16 corridor between Prince Rupert and Prince George who went missing, were murdered or had an unknown cause of death. Exact date that Traci went missing is not yet public knowledge.

She was living with her sister, Sandy, at the time in an apartment on the 1600 block of Queensway.

Helen worked a number of jobs around this time, including a bus person at the Prince George HBC cafeteria and for a painting company, painting gas stations between Prince George and Terrace.

It was reported at an inquiry for murdered and missing indigenous women as some time in the 1970s.

She had an argument with her mom and left home and started walking highway 16 and was never seen again.

There was some speculation that Ginny ran away or committed suicide after her boyfriend disappeared, but her family disputes these theories.

Her boyfriend's body was found drowned in the Skeena river after she disappeared.

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But when he reached the road, there was no pickup, and his cousin was gone.The pair saw a man and a passenger who looked like a girl inside the vehicle.Pregnant and just days from giving birth, Thomas was struck and killed by Richard Redekop's truck as she was hitchhiking to her home on Saturday, 3 July 1976.VIDEO: Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s Canadian Play Date The Duchess, who was dressed in an elegant cream Chloé dress—a brave choice for a children’s party!—arrived holding Charlotte, adorable in a blue dress and cardigan, while William held George’s hand.

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