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Example #1: Bill Evans Trio: “Peri’s Scope”39.4 Special Guest Soloists for Jazz.

Special guest soloists (as opposed to regular ensemble members), should be listed with the featured artist role at the track level.

Karaoke track titles can make reference to the original artist.

We know it takes effort to get it exactly right, but we hope you agree that the results are worth it, both for you and for your fans.

For example, these album titles are acceptable: Track or ringtone titles for cover, orgel, parody songs, or tributes must not make reference to the original artist.

Do not use phrases such as “Originally Performed By”, “In the Style of”, “Tribute to”, or “Cover of”.

Individual band members of ensembles should not be marked as Primary at either the album or track level.

Where a group is known by the names of its members, mark the artists as primary.

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