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Users create a monster and mingle with others, swiping right and left to either mate with or eat others.Along the way, users have insight into how their choices affect who they see next — and who is excluded from their pool of potential paramours.Whether or not screens in the future will, in fact, be blue, is beside the about applying the ways we conceive of the future to the design of our present moment.(Wanda’s actions are simulated, not real.) [4] Survival of the Best Fit | by Alia El Kattan in the United Arab Emirates, and Gabor Csapo, Jihyun Kim, and Miha Klasinc | ,000 prize Survival of the Best Fit is a web simulation of how blind usage of AI in hiring can reinforce workforce inequality.Users will operate an algorithm and see first-hand how white-sounding names are often prioritized, among other biases.

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The goal of this philanthropic collaboration is to advance the public interest in the digital age.

Then, humans will see how an image captioning algorithm describes that same image.

[7] Mate Me or Eat Me | by Benjamin Berman in the U. | ,000 prize Mate Me or Eat Me is a dating simulator that examines how exclusionary real dating apps can be.

[5] The Training Commission | by Ingrid Burrington and Brendan Byrne in the U. | ,000 prize The Training Commission is a work of web-based speculative fiction that tells the stories of AI’s unintended consequences and harms to public life.

It unfolds from the perspective of a journalist who is reckoning with how deeply AI has scarred society. | by Suchana Seth in India | ,000 prize What Do You See?

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