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"Her feet were bound, her hands were tied behind her back, her mouth was duct taped, and her eyes were taped shut.""All of the facts that surround Santos as a possible subject lead you to be suspicious," Former D. long before you were assigned this case, as a strong suspect, right? Coughlin: There is a report that uses the word for him, "strong suspect". Police learned about him shortly after the crime from his own brothers. "Why lie about dating someone, unless it was because of her that John was murdered," said Roberta Mc Cabe.

"Morley's own brothers went in and said that they thought he might've been involved in it," Schlesinger noted to Leone."Yeah ... Leone says Morley's brothers were mistaken."I think what happens in matters like this is people will say, 'Sure, you should take a look at X or Y because they have a profile of somebody who would do something like this and they were around the area at the time.' But then you have to look at the evidence and see whether or not the evidence leads you to believe that they had anything to do with it," said Leone. "48 Hours" had questions for Marla Shiner too, but she declined our request for an interview.

""Every now -- every now and then I-- the smell's gone off of it now," she chuckled as she smelled the cash in her hand. And then I thought, 'No, I'll just keep it with me. "This is where I could hear everything that was going on down cellar," she said kneeling on the bathroom floor as she did all those years ago. Ferreira and his friend, Nancy Williams, were questioned because they had picked John up when he was hitchhiking, on his way to the dance.

And when I see him again, I'll give it to him.'"When she last saw John on Sept. The police were telling her husband John's body was discovered by three young kids cutting through a vacant lot in the neighboring gritty city of Lowell."I heard that he was tied up. "I picked him up and gave him a ride to the corner and I never saw him again," said Williams. Still, Walter Shelley was now a person of interest.

on a page, beginning the book of John so I wouldn't forget it. Nancy Williams, his friend back in the day, was now his wife. where he was involved in a young man being killed." But even that wasn't enough. There was no corroborating evidence and no real movement in the case until 2011, when Det. "You think this case really took off when you met Detective Linda Coughlin," Schlesinger noted to Evelyn."Yes, definitely," she replied. "Edward Brown did not walk into Lowell Police Department headquarters and say, 'Look, I got to get this off my chest.'... That's a tough sell," Schlesinger noted."It was a tough sell - but Ed Brown gave me a lot to work with," Wilson replied.

Asked why she felt that way, Evelyn said, "Because of her attitude. she said, 'I'm going to get them.' And she did."Detective Coughlin zeroed back in on Edward Alan Brown. Over the course of two days, Ferreira's attorney grilled Brown relentlessly until he admitted that the prosecution had fed him parts of his story: Eric Wilson: You were fed information it was a dirt lot, right? Eric Wilson: You were fed information that it was near a railroad tower, right? Eric Wilson: And you're being told that Shelley was jealous over Marla Shiner, right? "There are certain pieces of information that an investigator may provide to someone who they're interviewing to see whether or not they know anything about that, to see whether or not it jogs their memory," said Gerry Leone."Well, but -- couldn't that also be a way of telegraphing to the witness what you want him to say?

Lowell police brought in the Mc Cabe's and told them Brown's story about John's final hours. Two names known to police since day one; two names also gathering dust in John's book of mourners. Brown says he was at home watching television when Mike Ferreira and Walter Shelley pulled up to his house: Edward Alan Brown: They said they wanted to go find this kid that had been... Edward Alan Brown: Michael noticed John Mc Cabe was thumbing. And we pulled up next to John, Michael got out and grabbed him and pushed him ... However Brown got his story, Wilson claims it cannot be true, because it does not fit the evidence.

He confessed that he was there when Walter Shelley and Mike Ferreira killed John Mc Cabe. "My dad started crying, he keeled over on the table..."On April 15, 2011, nearly 42 years after John Mc Cabe's body was found in a vacant lot, his father's perseverance finally paid off. Mc Cabe held our feet to the fire, he never let us forget John Mc Cabe's murder," Lowell Police superintendent Ken Lavallee told reporters. A.'s office announced the indictments of Edward Alan Brown for manslaughter and Michael Ferreira and Walter Shelley for first-degree murder. It would take almost two years to bring the men accused of killing John Mc Cabe to trial. For the first time, Brown publicly shared the details of the night John died. Brown was the one who talked about the rope, the tape, the binding of John," Leone replied.

Mc Cabe, you know, I'm gonna tell you.'"Ward had been at a cookout at a house in Tewksbury, where he ran into a kid from the old neighborhood, Mike Ferreira. I says, 'He probably did it.' Next thing I know, three years, four years later, I got the cops down at my house wantin' to talk to me about John Mc Cabe." Ferreira also denies discussing the jealousy motive with Ward."That's his theory. Edward Alan Brown was 17 and lived not far from the Mc Cabe's when John was killed. Edward Alan Brown: Michael and Walter got out of the car and went over to him. "According to the prosecutor, he's been to Iraq and Afghanistan five tours.

"We're all sitting around drinking and that's when he just blurted out..." Ward said. Ward said Marla Shiner was Walter Shelley's girlfriend back then. Mike Ferreira says he remembers the cookout conversation with Jack Ward very differently."Jackie went and told them I said Walter Shelley killed him. "And at this cookout, you know, I already had a few drinks and he's runnin' his mouth, 'Shelley did it, Shelley did it.' And this went on all afternoon. He had long since moved away, but when police tracked him down he said he knew nothing about the murder -- never even heard of it."So how likely is it that he would never even have heard of the murder of John Mc Cabe in a town the size of Tewksbury," Schlesinger asked Leone. And police got a call from Brown's wife that was even more curious."His wife ... Maybe he's got somethin' wrong in his head." "They talk about these people that give false confessions," Nancy Ferreira said.

"I think we have a right to be proud of him," said Bill Mc Cabe. " "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger asked Evelyn."Oh yeah, Canadian goose, big sucka! "There was forensic evidence, but it wasn't really meaningful because you couldn't tie it to anyone in particular."But the case looked promising at first.

" she exclaimed."It's fun to watch you talk about this cause your eyes light up. A witness had spotted a car near the crime scene that night.

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